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Nursing Review # 1

Terminarz Medyczny NURSEUM

Letter to haters. CSO data on wages. Nurses in Good Morning TVN. See what was hot in the industry in January/February. Follow on this story in the first issue of “Nursing Review” prepared by the Team of Nurseum Medical Scheduler.

Talks we have with you show that you are very busy and do not always have time to keep track of industry news. This is why we officially start a new series of posts that will help you stay up to date. You will find our “Nursing Review” once every two weeks in the “News” section of our website. It will post links to the most interesting content on nursing, from our search specially for you.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Tell us what you think about the format of our “Nursing Review” within Nurseum Medical Scheduler. We look forward to your opinions in the comments section.

The next issue of “Nursing Review” will be published late February. Do not want to miss it? Sign up for the newsletter of Nurseum Medical Scheduler! Two weeks is too long to wait? Like our fan page on Facebook, where you will find the latest industry news, every day. See you there!

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