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Nurseum Medical Scheduler released to help nurses

Terminarz Medyczny Nurseum dla pielęgniarek

Dozens, and in the case of community nurses, even thousands, of assigned patients. Long duties and the need to continuously improve qualifications. A mountain of reports, documents and forms to fill out, and growing yearly. This is the daily routine of Polish nurses, one of the most underrated and overworked professional groups in our country. How do you cope? Is there a proven way?

We will not pretend that we have found a remedy for all the problems of the Polish nursing because this is out of our reach. Neither will we reduce in a magic way the number of professional duties and the amount of paperwork to complete. What we can do, though, is help you organise your work better so that you have more time for yourself and your family and loved ones. How it’s possible? Cutting edge technology is leading the way!

But let’s start from the beginning. Some time ago, one of us was taken to hospital. A little bit out of boredom, and a bit out of professional curiosity, he began to watch the nurses at work. It wasn’t before too long that he noticed that this group of work-dedicated specialists had less and less time for patients because they had to deal with countless bureaucratic formalities.

After he left hospital, we started to think together if that situation could be helped in any way. We held several long meetings with nurses, during which we asked numerous questions about their work. It turned out that bureaucracy was not the only issue.

Most problematic for nurses is to manage a huge number of tasks and piles of information related to professional work.

A classic notebook is not enough, while commercially available electronic “organisers” are not tailored to the specific character of nursing job. So we came up with Nurseum Medical Scheduler, an easy- to-use tool to facilitate the organisation of the work of nurses, which you can use on computers, tablets and smartphones. With the Scheduler, users will be able to:

  • intuitively manage their own database of patients,
  • freely plan and arrange a visit to the patient,
  • take advantage of reliable and unique expert knowledge any time they need it,
  • easily educate patients during the visit,
  • quickly provide post-visit medical recommendations to the patient,
  • simply generate reports for statistics and billing the time worked.

Needless to say, by automating part of the cumbersome tasks (e.g. reporting) and deployment of full functionality on mobile devices, nurses will make their work easier and save more time. This is just a brief description of extraordinary capabilities of the tool that we are working on at Nurseum. Design work is in progress now, so its final shape might still change, also thanks to your comments and suggestions that you have communicated to us in the course of consultation spanning several months now. Thank you for your help and contribution!

Note! You can get a copy of Nurseum Medical Scheduler already this spring (free of charge in the basic version). Do you want to know when it’s available for download on the Internet? Sign up for our newsletter, and you will not miss any important information. Feel free to follow us on Facebook as well as sending any questions, notes, or comments to

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