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Terminarz Medyczny NURSEUM

Przegląd dla Pielęgniarek i Położnych nr 65

(Polski) Jak śmiać się z pacjentem, a nie z pacjenta, przepisy o minimalnych wynagrodzeniach pracowników medycznych oraz kolejny wzrost liczby użytkowników Terminarza Medycznego NURSEUM. Zainteresowani? Zapraszamy do lektury „Przeglądu dla Pielęgniarek i Położnych”.
Terminarz Medyczny NURSEUM

Nursing Review # 1

Letter to haters. CSO data on wages. Nurses in Good Morning TVN. See what was hot in the industry in January/February. Follow on this story in the first issue of “Nursing Review” prepared by the Team of Nurseum Medical Scheduler.
Terminarz Medyczny Nurseum dla pielęgniarek

Nurseum Medical Scheduler released to help nurses

Dozens, and in the case of community nurses, even thousands, of assigned patients. Long duties and the need to continuously improve qualifications. A mountain of reports, documents and forms to fill out, and growing yearly. This is the daily routine of Polish nurses, one of the most underrated and overworked professional groups in our country. How do you cope? Is there a proven way?