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Terminarz Medyczny

Key Benefits

See what benefits you can get by using Nurseum Medical Scheduler.

Making your work easier

Making your work easier

Get 24/7 and uninterrupted access to your database of patients. Just fish a smartphone out of your pocket and run Nurseum Medical Scheduler.
Saving your time

Saving your time

Intuitively and quickly plan the sequence of visits with your patients and treatments suggested by Nurseum Medical Scheduler. Easily mark off your completed treatments during visits.
Offering access to expert knowledge

Offering access to expert knowledge

Take advantage of a database of articles by medical and pharmaceutical experts, through your free of charge unlimited access.

Sample Applications

See how the tool can help you in your daily work.

Preparing your visits

Preparing your visits

What about reminding a patient about the visit? Just enter the date in Nurseum Medical Scheduler and the tool will send a reminder to the patient within a specified time (e.g. a text message the day before the visit). If required, add your specific instructions (e.g. “Please prepare the strips for the glucose meter”).
Educating patients during visits

Educating patients during visits

During the visit your patient needs instruction and directions, e.g. on how to use a glucose meter. Give it to them directly from the knowledge base in Nurseum Medical Scheduler at your fingertips all the time.
Sharing post-visit recommendations

Sharing post-visit recommendations

You want to provide post-visit nursing recommendations to the patient or their carer? List them in Nurseum Medical Scheduler and send them out by 1 mouse click (e.g. by e-mail).

Key Functionality

See what our tool has to offer.

Information bank

Information bank

Importing, collecting, adding, editing, and exporting patient data have never been easier.


A list of medical procedures to perform with a patient to streamline completion and enable reporting.


A calendar of courses, workshop sessions, lectures, symposiums and training sessions updated as you go, so you will never miss any must-go’s in your field of interest.


Electronic calendar to help plan daily visits and treatments with your patients.


Nurseum Medical Scheduler enables reporting, e.g. on daily visits and treatments, and generating any statistical data you may need at any time.
Knowledge base

Knowledge base

A collection of expert knowledge on pharmacological products and medical devices always within your reach.

It’s already here! Nurseum Medical Scheduler



Avaiable for Android and Web.
Soon will come on iOS.

Our Team

Meet the people who are behind the tool facilitating the work of nurses, midwives and physiotherapists.

Arkadiusz Bieniek


Graduate of the Lublin University of Technology and qualified as MBA. Manager of many years’ standing.

Email: moc.muesrun@gnitekram

Dariusz Czechowski


Graduate of the Lublin University of Technology. Experienced project manager and leader of implementation teams in IT projects.

Email: moc.muesrun@tcudorp

Meet Nurseum Team

Plan of participation in conferences in 2017 in preparation.


Read the latest project and industry news.

Terminarz Medyczny NURSEUM

Nursing Review # 1

Letter to haters. CSO data on wages. Nurses in Good Morning TVN. See what was hot in the industry in January/February. Follow on this story in the first issue of “Nursing Review” prepared by the Team of Nurseum Medical Scheduler.
Terminarz Medyczny Nurseum dla pielęgniarek

Nurseum Medical Scheduler released to help nurses

Dozens, and in the case of community nurses, even thousands, of assigned patients. Long duties and the need to continuously improve qualifications. A mountain of reports, documents and forms to fill out, and growing yearly. This is the daily routine of Polish nurses, one of the most underrated and overworked professional groups in our country. How do you cope? Is there a proven way?


Are you interested in Terminarz Medyczny NURSEUM, which eases the work of nurses, midwives and physiotherapists?

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